Picture of Vibratory Sieve Shaker (Product Unit)

Vibratory Sieve Shaker (Product Unit)

200 (kg/hrs)


One of the machines required in the initial stages of granulation is the vibratory Sieve Shaker. Which is used to sift and homogenize raw materials.

  • Used in the prodcut unit - Solids department (powder and granulation)
  • All GMP requirements and standards, safety precautions and operator requirements are included in the construction of the machine
  • The machine is portable
  • The body of the machine made of SST-304
  • All parts in contact with the material are made of SST-316L
  • All parts in contact with materials with mirror surface smoothness (suitable for pharmaceutical industries)
  • Ability to change and adjust the vibration intensity
  • Ability to install a variety of meshes for product sizing
  • Has validation documents (OQ, IQ, DQ)

3D View

The possibility of viewing the general view of the designed machine in the technical and engineering office of Noavaran Industries has been provided to you dear ones. After loading the 3D model, you will be able to rotate and view all angles.


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