Picture of Tablet Hardness Tester

Tablet Hardness Tester


Tablet hardness is another important parameter that is tested by a tablet hardness tester machine. The tablets should not be too soft or too hard. Tablet hardness test is an experimental method used to measure the breaking point of a tablet. You can also measure the dimensions and weight of the tablet using this device.

  • Used for laboratory, research and formulation
  • Complies with USP standards
  • Tablet measurement: diameter, length, width, thickness (final distance between two jaws 55 mm)
  • Tablet measurement: hardness (900 - 1 N)
  • Pill measurement: weight (manually record the amount of weight for recording in test and reporting results)
  • Unit of measurement of dimensions (mm, inch), hardness (N, Sc, kp, g, kg, lb) and weight (mg, lb)
  • Has a touch panel system and PLC system to control, monitor and adjust all fixed and variable parameters
  • Ability to test manually and automatically in two separate menus
  • Reporting: Complete table of test results (including all parameters)
  • Reporting: Graphing test results (including all parameters)
  • Reporting: Test accuracy (according to the nominal value and allowable limits for each parameter)
  • Reporting: Receive output of test results as Excel file (CSV) and photo on USB output and printer
  • Set and save instructions (Recipe) in the machine memory
  • The test results and instructions of the machine will be stored in memory in the event of a power failure
  • Simple calibration menu for periodic internal calibration of the company (if you need to recalibrate)
  • Automatic calibration of tablet dimension measurement settings with automatic jaw reset
  • Has a login menu with the ability to set a password for each operator (with separate access levels for user, supervisor and administrators)
  • Jaws and plate under the tablet made of SST-316L
  • Cabin made of SST-304
  • Has validation documents (OQ, IQ, DQ)

3D View

The possibility of viewing the general view of the designed machine in the technical and engineering office of Noavaran Industries has been provided to you dear ones. After loading the 3D model, you will be able to rotate and view all angles.


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