Picture of Fluid Bed Process - product unit

Fluid Bed Process - product unit

120 - 200 - 300 (kg)


Fluid substrate processing machine (FBP) is one of the most important machines in the production sector, with which you can perform three operations of drying, granulation and coating. Transfer the granules made in the high speed mixer into the container and dry it from the FBD menu. Or granulate and dry the granules at the same time by the FBG section of the machine (without the need for a high speed mixer). You can also cover the pellet from the FBC part of the machine.

  • Used in the production unit for drying, granulation and pellet coating (in capacities of 120-200-300 kg)
  • All GMP requirements and standards, safety precautions and operator requirements are included in the construction of the machine
  • Performing 3 processes: drying - granulation - pellet coating
  • Has a touch panel system (HMI) and PLC system to control, monitor and adjust all fixed and variable parameters
  • Has a login menu with the ability to set a password for each operator (with separate access levels for user, supervisor and administrators)
  • Set and save instructions (Recipe) in the machine memory
  • All parts in contact with the material are made of SST-316L
  • All parts in contact with materials with mirror surface smoothness (suitable for pharmaceutical industries)
  • The body of the machine is all steel and made of SST-304
  • Has an external peristaltic pump with the ability to control spray time, stop time, speed and amount of spray solution
  • Has separate containers for drying, granulation and pellet coating
  • Record the performance of the machine and the activity of the operators along with the temperature chart of the sensors
  • Steam heating system with temperature adjustment as PID
  • Air intake airbox, pre-filter, bag filter, HEPA filter
  • It has Quick Action Valves (QASV) to prevent the destructive effects of the blast wave
  • The machine has an explosion valve to discharge the pressure of the possible explosion gas to the open environment
  • Has validation documents (OQ, IQ, DQ)

3D View

The possibility of viewing the general view of the designed machine in the technical and engineering office of Noavaran Industries has been provided to you dear ones. After loading the 3D model, you will be able to rotate and view all angles.


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