Picture of Container Lifter (Muller)

Container Lifter (Muller)

Container 120 - 200 - 300 (kg)


Granules dried by FBD need re-homogenization, which is done with the help of two muller and a dry mill. To do this, first, the muller lift machine lifts the container containing the dried granules, rotates it 180 degrees, and the dry milling machine is placed at the outlet of the muller funnel. After the granules are ground, the material is stored in BIN tanks and prepared for the pressing stage.

  • Used in the prodcut unit - Solids department (powder and granulation)
  • For easy emptying of the material container into the BIN tank or dry granulator
  • Has a movable mill at the hopper output of the machine
  • All GMP requirements and standards, safety precautions and operator requirements are included in the construction of the machine
  • The body of the machine made of SST-304
  • Surfaces in contact with SST-316L material
  • All parts in contact with materials with mirror surface smoothness (suitable for pharmaceutical industries)
  • Has validation documents (OQ, IQ, DQ)


3D View

The possibility of viewing the general view of the designed machine in the technical and engineering office of Noavaran Industries has been provided to you dear ones. After loading the 3D model, you will be able to rotate and view all angles.


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