About Us


Noavaran Industries is proud that in order to promote the industry and economy of Islamic Iran, it has been able to be recognized as a reputable name during its more than 30 years of activity in the field of design and manufacture of pharmaceutical machines. This company, with the benefit of experienced management, engineering and executive staff, has been able to respond to the needs of factories, institutes and schools of pharmacy in the country, and has also provided employment opportunities for young people.

This industrial unit produces more than 30 types of pharmaceutical devices using the appropriate environment, modern technology, research in the field of modern pharmaceutical machines and efforts to improve the quality of machines and observe all parameters and standards of GMP, GLP, USP and ... Has been able to be a leader in this field.

The company's customers range is a wide range of pharmaceutical factories for the production of tablets, capsules and granules or factories for the production of pharmaceutical solids raw materials, as well as academic jihad and pharmaceutical research institutes, oil and polymer industries and pharmaceutical schools across the country with more than 2,000 machines. The construction of this unit is working in these centers.

We have been able to ...

Proudly, the products of this collection are among the first made in Iran, which have been provided to the consumer in three sections: research and development (R&D), laboratory (Laboratory) and product (Product).

These products, presented by the research, design and manufacturing team of innovators in the country, are the result of aggregating information by studying the standards (USP-GLP-GMP -...), documents and devices made by reputable foreign brands (Erweka, Pharma Test, Glatt, GEA, Lodige, Diosna, TTP, Cosmec, PTK, ...) have been obtained. In fact, a selection of capabilities and facilities of these devices, as well as the requirements of customer companies, are included in the products of this collection.

Quality guarantee

Noavaran Industries Company, in order to increase the quality of its products, in 1394, has established a quality assurance system and established a separate unit for this purpose.

Also, due to the importance of the system of validation of production processes in the pharmaceutical industry, which has become one of the most important issues in drug production processes today. The company has prepared documents related to the quality of the devices, which are:

  • Design Qualification
  • Installation Qualification
  • Operation Qualification

    In this direction and now it is possible to deliver the required documents of all production devices of this company to esteemed customers, which as a very important competitive advantage is a proof of the claim that the company is committed to maintaining and increasing the quality of products. Things are set.